Die Kathedrale St. Mariä Himmelfahrt, 8-13 Jhr. Foto: Wikipedia.

Carolingian Sculpture in Chur

The city of Chur has many highlights of ecclesiastical building activity from its more than 1500 years of existence as an episcopal city (452 first mentioned as such).

The first bishop’s church (5th century), then the so-called Tellocathedral (8th century) and the new building (13th century) are medieval monuments. Bishop Tello built the lavish decoration of the cathedral and the marble statues. He was bishop from 759 to 765.

Several marble statues have been preserved. The marble comes from the quarry of Laas (Vintschgau). The influx of experts from northern Italy, Lombardy is reflected in the motifs and decorations, most of which originate from the northern Italian region.

The marble statues of Chur, not far from Müstair, are a unique legacy. (Quelle: W. Sulser, Die karolingischen Marmorskulpturen von Chur, Chur 1980).