Baden, das Salzhaus. Foto/Photo:TES.

The Salzhaus in Baden

The Salzhaus (salt storage building) in Baden (canton of Aargau) closes off the Hofstatt to the south, on a steep slope of the river Limmat. It is the largest square in the old town.

On this spot stood the residence of the Habsburgs, who ruled Aargau until 1415. The (eight) Eidgenossen conquered Aargau in 1415, and the territory became a subject territory (untertanengebiet) governed by the eight Orte (cantons)

The castle of the bailiff (Landvogteischloss) of the Confederation (Eidgenossenschaft) still bears the arms of the eight cantons. The new lords replaced the Habsburg residence with a late Gothic building at the beginning of the 16th century. Bern established the vital management and storage of salt in this mighty building, which has hardly changed since then.

Today, the three-storey building with its imposing roof is used as a cultural centre. The square and its medieval streets have hardly changed over the centuries.

The governor’s castle, the wooden bridge and the historical museum are at the foot of the slope.