Local History

Délemont, Porte de Porrentruy. Foto: Wikipedia

Auguste Quiquerez

Auguste Quiquerez (1801-1882) was a mining engineer, historian, writer, politician, landowner and talented draughtsman. He illustrated many of his works himself. He also founded one of the first museums in the Jura.

The walk (Sentier) Auguste Quiquerez takes you from the industrial quarter of Délemont (Delémont) to the gorge of Vorbourg, through the village of Soyhières, to the medieval forts of Vorbourg and Béridier and from there back to the old town of Délemont to the Jura Art and History Museum.

The walk shows not only the (art and industrial) history of the Middle Ages but also of the nineteenth century in the Jura. (More information: www.juratourisme.ch).