Local History

Bubendorf and Wildenstein Castle

Bubendorf is an old small Roman settlement. In the Middle Ages, the village fell under the Frohburgers, then the bishop of Basel and, from 1400, the city of Basel.

The village was a health resort in the 17th century because of the springs. The revolt against the city of Basel started in Bubendorf in 1830.

Wildenstein is a well-preserved castle, a so-called Höhenburg. Another Höhenburg in good condition is located in Burg im Leimental. The Eptingers built the complex at the end of the thirteenth century. Bern and Solothurn besieged it in 1334. In 1500, the city of Basel bought it and after several other owners, Meinrad von Planta acquired the castle in 1684.

Until 1994 it was privately owned by various families. In 1994 the castle was bought by the Canton of Basel-Landschaft.

(Source: www.baselland.ch).