The Piz Amalia in Concert

On the occasion of the baptism of Princess Amalia, Crown Princess of the Netherlands, in 2004, the Municipality of Scuol and the Regional Tourism Organisation in the Lower Engadine (Canton of Graubünden) named a hitherto unnamed mountain after the princess.

The naming of Piz Amalia confirmed the friendship between Switzerland and the Netherlands. In the spirit of this bond, an annual festival for young musicians has been organised around locations of the Piz Amalia in Winterthur (canton Zurich) and The Hague since the autumn of 2015.

Young musicians from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, under the direction of Thomas Herrmann, and the Winterthur Conservatory, directed by Valentin Gloor, will give several concerts at particular locations around Piz Amalia, in Winterthur and the Paleiskerk in The Hague.

The artistic director of the festival is Anthony Zielhorst. Two pieces of music have been composed for this year’s festival. They will be performed as world premieres.
Concert programme 2022:

Wednesday, 14 September, 7.00 pm, Conservatory Winterthur;
Friday, 6 September, 5.30 pm, Bergkirche, Scuol;
Saturday, September 17, 8.15 pm, Musikschule, Scuol;
Sunday, 18 September, 11 am, Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol;
Friday, November 11, 8.15 pm, Paleiskerk, The Hague.

On Friday, 16 September, at 6 am, there will be a guided mountain hike to Piz Amalia.

For more information about the programme, tickets and the organisation:

Piz Amalia, 14.–18.9.2022