Strada, die Innauen, Foto/Photo: TES.

The Innauen near Strada

Pebbles have been dredged out of the Inn near Strada (the Innauen, Islas da Strada in Romansh)  in the Lower Engadin (canton Graubünden) for decades. Debris has been dumped into the river and dams have  been built.

As a result, the course of the river has changed since 1950. Flora and fauna disappeared.

These industrial activities stopped in 1990 and dams were removed. The Inn is returning to its old course.

Because of the varying amounts of water, from a wild river to a quiet mountain stream, a landscape with banks and swamps evolved, a paradise for mammals, insects, birds, amphibians and flora.

Nature needed two decades, but then it is almost restored to its former state. In some cases even more diverse than it has ever been in this area.

Innauen means literally the waters of the Inn. ‘Aue’  originates from the Old German word ‘ouwa’ for water. The Romansh word is ‘aua’.