San Carlo, Negrentino. Bild/Photo: Adrian Michael

Chapels in Switzerland

The first churches were built after the apperance of the first bishops in Switzerland, in 381 in Martigny, in Geneva around 400, in Chur around 450 and in Avenches/Lausanne in the sixth century.

These churches were wooden buildings. The first abbey was built in 516 in Martigny.

The Carolingian churches in Graubünden and the Romanesque churches in Tessin  are just a few of the thousands of religious buildings, chapels, abbeys, parish churches and cathedrals.

Modern churches (the Chapelle de Mogno (1999) or Das Haus der Religionen (2014) in Bern for example) are on the same list as the chapel of San Carlo in Negrentino (Ticino) built around 1050.

Chapels are often situated in rural (mountain) areas, in castles and palaces or on historical sites, at Sempach (battle of 1386), at Morgarten (battle of 1315), for example.

(Source: Claude Quartier, A la découverte des chapelles de Suisse, Lausanne 2015).