Scuol, Engiadina Bassa, Vallader. Photo/Foto: TES.

Centenary of the Lia Rumantscha

Since 1919, the Romansh language in the canton of Grisons has found an active defender of its interests, the Lia Rumantscha, who is celebrating her centenary this year. Romansh is a language, which dates back to the Rhaetian tribes and the subsequent Latin language/Romanisation after the Roman domination from 15 B.C. These tribes populated an area between Lake Constance and Grisons, far beyond the present-day territory of the Romansh language. Rhaetisch is a Roman term for non-Celtic peoples in this area, almost nothing else is known about them. After the Romans, from the sixth century onwards, a strong germanisation of the language is  taking place. A process that continues to this day. Romansh is still actively spoken by about 60 000 inhabitants in parts of Grisons in five main dialects (Surselvan, Sutselvan, Surmeir, Puder and Vallader). The Lia Rumanstch celebrates its centenary with numerous events and activities. (Further information: