Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland News

The Languages of Switzerland

Lake dwellers, Celts, Romans, Alamanni: the names are familiar to the territory of Switzerland. The exhibition  ’Archaeology in Switzerland’ gives a view of their archaeological remains, accomplishments and value systems. The items on display show the journey from the first unknown settlers to the arrival of the Celtic tribes since 1000 BC. The Celtic tribes … Read more » “The Languages of Switzerland”

The Giacometti Dynasty

The Giacometti Centre (Centro Giacometti)  in the village Stampa in the valley of Bergell (Val Bregaglia), canton of Grisons, tells the story of the Giacometti family. One of the crucial factors that shaped the artistic development of these artists was the cosmopolitan, open and bilingual (Italian-German) culture of the region. Many inhabitants worked in other … Read more » “The Giacometti Dynasty”

The new Gotthard Tunel

The Swiss Confederation has launched an information portal on the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA), the new Gotthard tunel. Original documents, images, films and audio files on the history and social significance of the NRLA are now available on The NRLA portal simplifies access to documents that had previously been scattered across … Read more » “The new Gotthard Tunel”