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Graffiti from Engadine

Especially in Engadine, but also in other places in Switzerland, houses are often decorated with geometric motifs, drawings, animals or sayings. This technique was introduced by Italian artists in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries after the Bündner expansion in the Italian territories. These artists wanted to earn money, and the fresco technique was well known … Read more » “Graffiti from Engadine”

The Walser

The first people from Upper Valais (German-speaking Wallis) crossed the mountain passes to settle in the neighbouring mountain valleys in the second half of the twelfth century. The emigration reached its peak in the thirteenth and ended in the middle of the fourteenth century. They are called the Walser nowadays, although they did not call … Read more » “The Walser”

The Alemannic Language

The Alemannic Language refers to (Germanic) dialects in the south of the German-speaking region. The area of Lake Constance never formed a linguistic unity, apart from the current German language and Latin Language in the Roman period. A distinction is made between Swabian (north of Tuttingen and Immenstadt in Baden-Württemberg), Oberrheinalemannisch (Alsace), Bodenseealemannisch (German and … Read more » “The Alemannic Language”