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Fasnacht unmasked at Bummelsonntag

One of the splendid traditions of Basel is the Fasnacht and the three Sundays afterwards the Bummelsonntag (literally, walking around without purpose on Sunday). Hundreds of smaller or larger cliques or individuals walk through the city, with piccolo, drum or wind instruments, but without the costumes or disguise of the Fasnacht. On Sunday evening thousands … Read more » “Fasnacht unmasked at Bummelsonntag”

Wintertourism Engadin

The most significant growth of tourism and bathing and Spatial Tourism in Switzerland and Engadin, in particular, took place between 1870 and 1914. With the rise of railways, the improvement of alpine passes (among others from Bivio to Silvaplana), new roads (for carriages, among others between Poschiavo and Pontresina), tunnels and the rise of health … Read more » “Wintertourism Engadin”

Wakkerpreis 2019

The Schweizer Heimatschutz (Swiss Heritage Foundation) awarded its Wakkerpreis 2019 to the city of Langenthal (canton of Bern). After years of economic crisis, the city centre has experienced new structural growth, characterized by a good relationship with the rich industrial heritage, proper planning, and willingness to dialogue. After the disappearance of the traditional porcelain industry, … Read more » “Wakkerpreis 2019”