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Cricket in the Alps

The inaugural meeting of the first Swiss cricket association was held on 9 March 1980, called Cricket Switzerland. Today, around 1 200 members play cricket in Switzerland, men and women. Switzerland is even the birth place of the very prestigious Cricket On Ice, a tournament played every winter on the frozen lake in St. Moritz. … Read more » “Cricket in the Alps”

The Beginning of European Tourism

Tourism and the healthcare industry in Switzerland began in the early 19th century. Before that time, most visitors were traders, politicians, pilgrims and above all (British upper class) men and a few women who travelled across Europe on their Grand Tour, in particular to Italy, passing through  Switzerland. The Alps, lakes and picturesque landscapes also … Read more » “The Beginning of European Tourism”

The Fifth Switzerland

The Organisation of the Swiss abroad (OSA), founded in 1916, informs Swiss citizens living abroad about actuality in Switzerland. The organisation is in contact with official Swiss representations, Swiss clubs and societies throughout the world, as well as Swiss media and members of the Swiss Parliament. To achieve the tasks, the organisation publishes a magazine … Read more » “The Fifth Switzerland”