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History of a Great Festival

The Fête des Vignerons (Unesco World Heritage) is a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation since the 18th century in the canton of Vaud in a region that stretches from Pully to Lavey near Valais. It all started in the 17th century. Vevey, which is located on the main European trade … Read more » “History of a Great Festival”

1500 Swiss on a Timber Raft

A Dutch chronicle from the nineteenth century (Jan Willem van Druijnen, Leven aan de Waal of Vervolg der Kronijk van Nijmegen 1819-1859) reports that more than 1500 Swiss arrived in Nijmegen on timber rafts in July and August 1519, on their way to Dordrecht and then emigrated by ship to South Brazil. It is not … Read more » “1500 Swiss on a Timber Raft”

The Fourth Minority

Switzerland is known to be a quadrilingual country (Italian, German, French and Romansh) with three minorities: French-, Italian- and Romansh-speaking citizens. The vast majority are German-speakers. However, there is another minority, the fourth minority. These are the Italian-speaking people in the canton of Grisons, which is officially trilingual (Romansh, German and Italian). The German-speaking inhabitants … Read more » “The Fourth Minority”