The long nineteenth century 1815-1918 Newsletters

The Vienna Congress

In 1814 and 1815, the great 19th-century powers (Prussia, Russia, France, Austria and the United Kingdom) sought to restore the European balance and the old regimes. After the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 (dissolved by Napoleon) and the fall of Napoleon (1813), the Continent was not to be dominated by one power … Read more » “The Vienna Congress”

Arlesheim and the Congress of Vienna

The village of Arlesheim (Canton of Basel-Landschaft) is best known for the English Garden of 1785, the Ermitage and the cathedral, built in 1681. Arlesheim reads like a Swiss history book. The medieval castles of Birseck and Reichenstein are located on the hilltops. They are a symbol of the town’s strategic importance. The cathedral in … Read more » “Arlesheim and the Congress of Vienna”

The relationship between Switzerland and Great-Britain

The heyday of the relationship between Switzerland and Great-Britain was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, ending  with Churchill’s famous speech in Zurich in 1946. Switzerland had a cult status in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Many writers, historians, travellers, politicians, diplomats and merchants praised the political system, the organisation of the state and the functioning of … Read more » “The relationship between Switzerland and Great-Britain”