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Swiss Chablais

The modern Chablais is a area that covers parts of Eastern France and Western Switzerland. In Switzerland, this French-speaking region lies between the Rhone and Lake Geneva. The Swiss area extends over the cantons of Valais and Vaud. In France, this region is located in the department of Haute-Savoie and is bordered to the north … Read more » “Swiss Chablais”

The Via Francigena in Switzerland

The origin of the Via Francigena which links Canterbury to Rome, crossing England, France, Switzerland and Italy, goes back to the old Roman road system when soldiers and merchants travelled from the South to the North of Europe and the other way around. The Via Francigena crosses the cantons of Vaud and the Valais and … Read more » “The Via Francigena in Switzerland”

Medieval Avenches

Since its foundation by the Romans in 15 BC, Aventicum, today Avenches, was the capital of the tribe of Helvetii. Today it is one of the most important Roman archaeological sites of Switzerland, although only a quarter of the Roman city has been excavated and is visible. The amphitheatre, the Grange des Dimes temple, the … Read more » “Medieval Avenches”