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The Celtic Tribes of the Alps

The Alpine chain was divided from north to south In ancient times: the Alps Poenines (Alpes Poeninae), the Alps Graies (Alpes Graiae), the Alps Cottiennes (Alpes Cottiae) and the Alps Maritimes (Alpes Maritimes). The Graies and Poenines Alps extended over different Celtic regions and peoples. The Graies include the Tarentaise, the Beaufortain and the Haut-Faucigny. … Read more » “The Celtic Tribes of the Alps”

Switzerland and the Roman Empire

The population of Switzerland before the conquest by the Romans in the last decades before Christ consisted of Celtic tribes. Geneva was already occupied since 120 BC as most northern city of the Allobroges and Roman province of Gaul Transalpine, the regions Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Rhône Alpes, except the independent city state of Massilia … Read more » “Switzerland and the Roman Empire”

Romanization in Switzerland

Romanisation can be defined as the process of change and integration of indigenous societies into the Roman Empire. One of the principal characteristics of Romanisation was its regional and temporal variability and differences throughout the Empire. The eastern part, the Greek speaking world, differed from the western part. The heterogeneity in the western part, for … Read more » “Romanization in Switzerland”