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The Roman road Neckar-Alb-Aare

The Roman road Neckar-Alb-Aare (Römerstrasse Neckar-Alb-Aare) connects the most important places of the former Roman province of Germania Superior. The approximately 400 km long road follows the course of the old Via Romana, which connected the Roman legionnaire’s camp Vindonissa (today Windisch in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland) with the settlement Grinario (now Köngen … Read more » “The Roman road Neckar-Alb-Aare”

The Amphitheatre of Aventicum

In Aventicum, nowadays Avenches, Roman imperial power and monuments can still be seen everywhere and in particular at the Roman museum, housed in the medieval tower of the Roman amphitheatre, built in de second century AD. Like the theatre, the amphitheatre and its spectacles were primarily driven by social and political motives and financed by … Read more » “The Amphitheatre of Aventicum”

The Helvets

The Helvets (Helvetii in Latin) was the name for some Celtic tribes who inhabited the Swiss Plateau some centuries before the era. The names of some of these tribes are known, including the Tigurini, Ambrones, Verbigeni and Tugini. The Rauraci and Suebi inhabited the regions of Basel, Southern Alsace and Baden in the same period. … Read more » “The Helvets”