The Laurenz Foundation

The Laurenz Foundation organises, manages and finances the Schaulager in Basel. The Schaulager was founded in 2003 with the aim of combining storage and presentation of contemporary art, as a research institute, storage and location for exhibitions and as a platform for dialogue and exchange. Schaulager also initiates exhibitions and projects to make contemporary art … Read more » “The Laurenz Foundation”

National Association of Swiss Castles

The National Association of Swiss Castles represents the cultural, political and commercial interests at home and abroad of around twenty castles across nine cantons in three linguistic regions, all establishments are to be found in unique environments, enthroned on hills, nestled by lakes or adopted as town landmarks. The association offers guided tours and productions, … Read more » “National Association of Swiss Castles”

The Reading Society in Basel

The Reading Society (Allgemeine Lesegesellschaft ) of Basel is a place for reading, studying and contemplation at the Münsterplatz, close to the cathedral. For over two hundred years it has provided access to books, newspapers and magazines. Founded on 26 October 1787, it is one of countless societies that emerged in Europe during the Enlightenment … Read more » “The Reading Society in Basel”