Jura Brüschweiler Archive

The Jura Brüschweiler Archive (AJB) holds the most important private collection of documents and properties about and from the life and work of the Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918). This documentation contains more than 80,000 documents, sketches, drawings, letters, official documents, photographs, objects and furniture from Ferdinand Hodler’s studio and apartment and is compiled by … Read more » “Jura Brüschweiler Archive”

Swiss Historic Hotels

The organisation ´Swiss Historic Hotels´ brings together a wide range of hotels and accommodations steeped in history, from simple historic inns to Grand Hotels. The buildings have maintained their historic authenticity and architectural significance, due to careful renovations and measures to preserve the past in line with accepted conservation practices. The professionalism of their hosts … Read more » “Swiss Historic Hotels”

Forum Helveticum

As a competence center for linguistic and cultural understanding, Forum Helveticum promotes the understanding in social, political, economic and cultural contexts. It is especially committed to fostering comprehension between the different linguistic communities in Switzerland as well as national cohesion. The association pursues its goals in collaboration with partner organisations and institutions with similar objectives. … Read more » “Forum Helveticum”