The Reading Society in Basel

The Reading Society (Allgemeine Lesegesellschaft ) of Basel is a place for reading, studying and contemplation at the Münsterplatz, close to the cathedral. For over two hundred years it has provided access to books, newspapers and magazines. Founded on 26 October 1787, it is one of countless societies that emerged in Europe during the Enlightenment … Read more » “The Reading Society in Basel”


The agglomeration of Basel is also known as Basiliensis Region, a cross-border region between South-Baden, Upper Alsace and North-West Switzerland. The issue of local or regional identity is still controversial, although economic boundaries are considerably less pronounced than 50 years ago. The organization TriRhena aims to intensify cross-border regional economic cooperation and promote participation on … Read more » “TriRhena”

Inventory of Swiss Traditions

The Swiss government has created six brochures presenting 167 living traditions of Switzerland in form of a map. The maps are illustrated.presenting 167 living traditions of Switzerland in form of a map. The overview covers all 26 (semi) cantons and various practices and themes, from clothing, music, Basel carnival, Swiss graphic design, Hornussen to the Vevey … Read more » “Inventory of Swiss Traditions”