Swiss Abroad

Connecting the five Switzerlands (French, German, Italian, Rhaetian and those living abroad) is the mission of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA). Using effective communication means, the department is in direct contact with the large public of the Fifth Switzerland, the official Swiss representations abroad, the various Swiss clubs and societies throughout the world, … Read more » “Swiss Abroad”

Vitra Campus

The Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein is a complex for contemporary design and architecture. The Campus unites commercial, cultural and research aspects. The Campus was founded by the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. Over the years, many buildings have been added to the Campus by renowned architects, expanding the production site into an organisation for … Read more » “Vitra Campus”

Pro Büvetta Association

Switzerland is the water source of Europe. Four important rivers originate in this area (Rhine, Rhône, Inn, Reuss) and that determines the river landscape of the continent. Switzerland uses water as a renewable energy source for a century. The use of water goes back further in time. Mineral-rich springs on the banks of the Inn … Read more » “Pro Büvetta Association”