Federal Inventory of Historic roads

The aim of the Inventory (Bundesinventar der historischen Verkehrswege der Schweiz, l’Inventaire fédéral des voies de communication historiques de la Suisse,  IVS) is to preserve and maintain these important witnesses from the past to the present. They shape the landscape and are often also outstanding cultural objects in terms of construction and architecture. (Further information: … Read more » “Federal Inventory of Historic roads”

Fondazione Majid

The Foundation ((Fondazione Majid) aims to encourage, support and reward young artists, researchers and inventors  The projects range from the artistic to the scientific, humanistic and ecological/environmental fields. The Foundation supports by financial contributions, in favor of individuals or private groups. The latter propose projects directly or in partnership with other non-profit organizations and/or social … Read more » “Fondazione Majid”

Garbald Foundation

The foundation (Fondazione Garbald) in Castasegna/Bergell (canton of Graubünden) manages the cultural and architectural heritage of the Garbald family and makes it accessible to the public. The activities include the literature of the writer Johanna Garbald-Gredig (alias Silvia Andrea, 1840-1935), the photographic work of Andrea Garbald (1877-1958), the family library, the Villa Garbald, and the … Read more » “Garbald Foundation”