Swiss Mountain Aid

Since 1943, Swiss Mountain Aid (Schweizer Berghilfe) has been committed to helping the mountain population. The organisation supports projects that generate sustainable projects and employment in these regions. In this way, it fights depopulation and ensures the current and future vitality. Swiss Mountain Aid is an organization financed exclusively by donations. (Source and further information: … Read more » “Swiss Mountain Aid”

The Exodus of the Huguenots

The organisation is an international project, which deals with the flight of Huguenots after 1685 from France to Germany and Switzerland. Recognised by the Council of Europe as a European Cultural Route, this long-distance international hiking trail follows the historical flight path of Huguenots to Germany and French-speaking Switzerland at the end of the 17th … Read more » “The Exodus of the Huguenots”

The Swiss Parks

The network represents the approximately 20 Swiss parks of each category. The parks each have their own characteristics but share a national identity. The network also develops a framework for dialogue, exchange and knowledge transfer between the parks and creates platforms for joint projects and promotion. (Source and further information: