The Association for the Study of Travel in Switzerland

The Association (L’ Association culturelle pour le voyage en Suisse) promotes research and projects related to the history of travel in Switzerland and the Alps. The mission is to foster dialogue between academic scholars and society. The association has created a traveling exhibition, produces an annual bulletin, and regularly organizes guided cultural tours and excursions. It … Read more » “The Association for the Study of Travel in Switzerland”

Origen Foundation Riom

The Origen Foundation (Nova Fundaziun Origen) was established in December 2007 in the small Romansh village Riom (200 inhabitants) in Canton Graubünden. The village is better known for its emigration, than for its architecture and culture, but Origen means genesis, beginning or origin. The foundation fosters Romansh culture, theatre, innovation and architecture. The Foundation does … Read more » “Origen Foundation Riom”

Swiss Heritage Society

The Swiss Heritage Society has about 27 000 members and donators. It is the umbrella organisation of the cantonal sections and is available to anyone interested in the Society’s objectives. The SHS is dedicated to the advancement of Switzerland’s architectural heritage. Its focus is on the preservation of important landmarks, the development of the structural … Read more » “Swiss Heritage Society”