The Swiss Parks

The network represents the approximately 20 Swiss parks of each category. The parks each have their own characteristics but share a national identity. The network also develops a framework for dialogue, exchange and knowledge transfer between the parks and creates platforms for joint projects and promotion. (Source and further information:

Rhine Source Lighthouse Foundation

The foundation (Stiftung Leuchtturm Rheinquelle) Rhine Source Lighthouse Foundation maintains the only lighthouse in the Alps. A volonteer is appointed each year as lighthouse keeper. (Further information:

Fortifications in Schwyz

The foundation (Stiftung Schwyzer Festungswerke) wants to document the history of the fortifications in the canton of Schwyz and make them accessible to the general public. Defenders and residents have always tried to ward off hostile attacks. In Switzerland, a large number of castles, forts and fortifications bear witness to this. Aggressors surrounded Switzerland during … Read more » “Fortifications in Schwyz”