Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation

The aim of the Foundation (Fondation suisse pour la protection et l’aménagement du paysage/stiftung Landschaftsschutz Schweiz) is to conserve, maintain and recognise valuable landscape in Switzerland. It pursues this goal by preserving, promoting and restoring the natural and cultural values of the landscape. (Source and further information:

Swiss network of nature centres

The more than twenty Swiss nature centres work closely together in the Swiss network of nature centres (NSNZ/RSCN). The aim of the centres is to interest as many citizens as possible in nature by information and guided tours and to show the world of biodiversity. Most centres are managed by private  organisations and local authorities. … Read more » “Swiss network of nature centres”

Association of Walser in Graubünden

The association (Walservereinigung Graubünden) was founded in 1960. Its main objectives are the preservation and promotion of the Walser and Alpine culture, the preservation of the Walser dialects and literature, support, scientific research and the organisation of events on language, history and folklore and support for the preservation of cultural life in the village community. … Read more » “Association of Walser in Graubünden”