Pro Raetia Association

The association was founded in 1949 as a forum for exchange on current and future issues in Grisons/Graubünden. The association pays attention to multilingualism, landscape and natural parks, history, culture, economy and inhabitants of the canton. (further information:

Pro Natura

Pro Natura is Switzerland’s oldest nature conservation organisation. One of the pioneering achievements of the organisation, founded in 1909, was the creation of the Swiss National Park. Today Pro Natura oversees about 700 nature reserves and manages a dozen nature centres all over Switzerland. At a national level, Pro Natura acts as a central organisation but … Read more » “Pro Natura”

ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation

The Foundation (ch Stiftung für eidgenössische Zusammenarbeit/Fondation ch pour la coopération confédérale) is committed to the sustainability and principles of federalism in Switzerland. The main focus is on multilingualism, the media landscape, and the religious, cultural-linguistic, social and economic differences and (growing) disparities between the 26 cantons. The Foundation promotes the translation of Swiss literature … Read more » “ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation”