Media Library Valais

The Media Library of Valais (Médiathèque Valais/Mediathek Wallis)  offers free access to thousands of documents from different media, books, magazines, films, photography and modern media. It also organizes exhibitions and other events with cultural-historical topics. (Source for more information:

Swiss Alpine Club

The Swiss Alpine Club (Schweizer Alpen Club (SAC)/Club d’Alpine suisse (CAS), founded in 1863, aims to promote mountain sports in all its forms and to promote the interests of both competitive and recreational sport. The organisation is also committed to the sustainable development and preservation of the mountain environment. In these areas it provides education, … Read more » “Swiss Alpine Club”

Albert Einstein Society

The Albert Einstein Society was founded on 28 June 1977. The Society has the following objectives: running the Einstein House as a commemoration site, awarding the Einstein Medal, publishing the Albert Einstein Society Newsletter “Olympia”, organizing lectures and special events and maintaining contact with the University of Bern and other public institutions and authorities.(Further information: … Read more » “Albert Einstein Society”