The Barry Foundation

In 2005, the Foundation (Fondation Barry) took over the breeding kennel from the Great Saint Bernard Pass Hospice together with the kennel’s famous Saint Bernard dogs. The Foundation in Martigny (canton Valais) has been the owner of the 300-year-old breeding kennel, the oldest and most important Saint Bernard kennel in the world. In accordance with … Read more » “The Barry Foundation”

Fondation Gandur pour l’Art

The collections of the Foundation focus on five distinct curatorial domains: Antiquities, Ethnology, Fine Arts Decorative Arts and African Contemporary Art and the Diaspora. These domains are constantly evolving. The aim in each case is to develop a coherent corpus, whether it be specific civilizations, historical periods. The Foundation Gandur pour l’Art lends its works … Read more » “Fondation Gandur pour l’Art”

Federal Inventory of Historic roads

The aim of the Inventory (Bundesinventar der historischen Verkehrswege der Schweiz, l’Inventaire fédéral des voies de communication historiques de la Suisse,  IVS) is to preserve and maintain these important witnesses from the past to the present. They shape the landscape and are often also outstanding cultural objects in terms of construction and architecture. (Further information: … Read more » “Federal Inventory of Historic roads”