Garbald Foundation

The foundation (Fondazione Garbald) in Castasegna/Bergell (canton of Graubünden) manages the cultural and architectural heritage of the Garbald family and makes it accessible to the public. The activities include the literature of the writer Johanna Garbald-Gredig (alias Silvia Andrea, 1840-1935), the photographic work of Andrea Garbald (1877-1958), the family library, the Villa Garbald, and the … Read more » “Garbald Foundation”

The most beautiful villages in Switzerland

The Association (Die schönsten Schweizer Dörfer) has the aim of protecting, promoting, and coordinating in a tourist network the Swiss municipalities that, meeting the criteria set out in the quality charter, are classified as such. Since 2017, the Swiss Association is a member of the International Federation of the “Most Beautiful Villages of the World” … Read more » “The most beautiful villages in Switzerland”


One hundred years ago, the Rhine was the largest salmon river in Europe. Since the 1950s, the Atlantic salmon in the Rhine has been extinct. The organisation is running together with the WWF the ‘Salmon-Comeback’ project. This project is not only about salmon. It symbolises the entire habitat along and in the Rhine. If salmon … Read more » “Salmon-Comeback”