100 Years Lia Rumantscha

This year is a festive period for the Lia Rumantscha, the Romansh organisation. The organization is committed to the Romansh language and culture since 1919. The Lia Rumantscha organizes a language and culture festival in Zuoz in the Upper Engadine. It will take place in August. The programme offers events on various themes of the … Read more » “100 Years Lia Rumantscha”

Urbanism and the watchmaking industry

Since 1705, the Neuchâtel Region has been producing watches and clockworks. This watchmaking industry has shaped cities’ living and even town planning. The cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle embodied the urban and architectural unity dedicated entirely to the clock and watch production since they were built by and for this industry. Before this … Read more » “Urbanism and the watchmaking industry”

Anabaptist Path

The Anabaptists recognized and practised only the baptism of adults, advocated a strict separation of church and state, and renounced all forms of violence. The Anabaptists were persecuted, and many fled to Germany, the Netherlands or to America. Others fled to the heights of the Jura, which then belonged to the diocese of Basel.  There … Read more » “Anabaptist Path”