The Roman House in Augusta Raurica

More than 65 years ago, René Clavel of Basel (1886-1969) had the idea of rebuilding a Roman house of the local urban elite in the Roman colony of Augusta Raurica, today’s Augst. The Clavel-Villa near the Augusta Raurica Museum  In consultation with Professor Laur-Belart (1898-1972), who was responsible for the excavations at Augusta Raurica, he … Read more » “The Roman House in Augusta Raurica”

Solothurn 2 000 Years

The Romans founded the settlement Salodurum (literally watergate) around 20 AD. The main reason was the building of a road (and bridge over de Aare river ) between Aventicum (Avenches) and Vindonissa (Windisch). The town became a fortress with the usual Roman public and private buildings, some of the remnants can still be seen in … Read more » “Solothurn 2 000 Years”

Palace in the Air

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first flight between St. Moritz (Canton Grisons) and London. One of the initiators in 1920 was Hans Badrutt (1876-1953), owner of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz. The St. Moritz lake (St. Moritzersee), right in front of the hotel, was also the location of the first … Read more » “Palace in the Air”