Chur-Arosla Line. Photo/foto: TES.

Bridges of Grisons

The railway (1914) from Chur to Arosa was another line of the Rätische Bahn. The Albulabahn (1903), Davos-Filisur Line (1909), Bernina Line (1910), Oberländer Line (1910), Unterengadiner Line (1913) and the Arosa Line cross 617 bridges. Most are considered monuments. The development of railway bridges in Grisons began in the second half of the 19th century and lasted until the First World War.

The landwasserviadukt, the Schmittnertobelviadukt, the Solisviadukt, the Val Tuoi Viadukt, the Val Lumes Viadukt, the Kreisviaduct, the Hinterrhein Bridge and, among others, the Wiesenerviadukt bear witness to the 130-year history of bridge builders and the achievements of engineers and workers. The total length of the bridges is about 16,000 meters.

The measurement of the bridge load was always a dispute with structural and aesthetic advantages and disadvantages, iron, concrete or masonry. The building materials all knew their supporters and opponents. However, sooner or later they all have to be renovated, reinforced or even replaced because of the ravages of time and growing traffic. (Source: Bündner Kulturbahn, 2019, Chur, 2019).