Period IV

Riom, Winter 2019. Bild/Photo: TES.

Origin’s Cultural Campus

One project of the Origen Foundation (Fundaziun Origen) in Riom (canton of Graubünden) has barely begun, or the next is already emerging. The relocation of the Weisse Villa (white villa) in Mulegns to make way for a widening of the motorway has been successfully completed.

The Foundation has also built a theatre (the Julierturm) on the Julier Pass at a height of 2,242 metres.

The theatre tower will be demolished in 2023. For this reason, the foundation plans to build not only a new theatre, but even a cultural campus in Riom. This campus will house a new theatre, accommodation and office space for the foundation and its professional guests, rehearsal rooms, storage rooms, classrooms, gastronomy and, for example, studios for stage clothes and props.

The budget is estimated at 15 million CHF. The most important and urgent step is the construction of a new theatre in 1923. The Foundation has shown its ability to move villas and build theatres at 2242 metres. Riom’s cultural campus also has a good chance of being realised.