The Jan Michalski Foundation Montricher (canton of Vaud) presents the BIBLIOTOPIA festival. BIBLIOTOPIA provides an opportunity for international writers to meet and share experiences.

The festival will take place from the 4th to the 6th of June at the Foundation. The festival focuses on the theme of change seen through the lens of literature, as far as social justice, work, our past or personal life, environment, education, and race.

The festival will look at how countries change and the countryside evolves, how novels celebrate the agents of change, how experiences of violence or historical trauma can be captured in literature.

This journey goes from Russia and Portugal to Palestine and Japan. Colonialism and the ways in which it shaped the world will be reassessed, our attitude to animals and nature will be reevaluated and there is a look at the way families and societies deal with mortality and disease.

Finally, the festival will also reflect on the new forms that contemporary writing can take, and the inventive fusion of genres and approaches.

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