L'Abbaye de Bellelay. Photo/Foto: TES.

Bellelay and the Tête de Moine

The Premonstratensian abbey of Bellelay (Commune of Saicourt, canton of Bern)  is known for its water system and ponds.

The Prince-Bishop of Basel, Ortlieb von Frohburg (unknown-1164) founded the abbey around 1140. French troops destroyed the monastery in 1797. It was rebuilt and has been in use as a hospital ever since.

Nomen est omen, and the name giver of the cheese is the ‘tonsure’ of the monks.

The abbey is famous for its cheese ‘Tête de Moine‘ (since 1200) and horse breeding today. The museum presents the history of the abbey, its cheese and industrial and agricultural activities.

(Further information: www.jurabernois.ch).