Die Basler Papiermühle. Photo: TES.

Basler Paper Museum

Basel, a city of two hundred thousand inhabitants, has around forty museums. Some can make a considerable profit from private sector funds and own income and the share of government subsidy is relatively small. That does not mean an absence of financial worries, but there exists a model of financing by ticket sales, products and production on demand. A unique museum the Paper Museum  or the Basler Papiermühle, das Papiermuseum, near the old city wall and the St. Alban tower (thirteenth century).

This museum not only offers insight and knowledge of the development of paper, parchment, the invention of printing and the mechanical development, but also gives visitors the opportunity to participate in the production process of paper, bookbinding and printing. The extensive collection and well-documented history of  writing and scripture in the Middle East and Asia, the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages or lithographic productions are shown. The city of humanists lives up to its name and fame and keeps old crafts alive, also by training staff in almost extinct professions. (Source and further information: