Rhäzuns Castle. Photo: TES.

Austria Leaves Grisons

Austria handed over Rhäzuns to the canton of Graubünden on 18 January 1819. It started in the twelfth century with the first documented act (1137/1139) of the Freiherr of Rhäzuns.

The area included the villages and surroundings of Rhäzuns and Bonaduz, Domat Ems and Felsberg, strategically of great importance in connection with the Lukmanier Pass and the Splügen Pass and the entrance to the Hinterrheintal.

The powerful abbot of the Disentis Abbey, the even more powerful bishop of Chur and the Freiherr Von Vaz were also interested. The Freiherren of Rhäzuns died out in 1458, and Emperor Maximilian acquired Rhäzuns in 1497. His successors returned it to Graubünden in 1819.