Local History

Hôtel de Ville de Délemont. Foto: TES

Auguste Quiquerez

Auguste Quiquerez (1801-1882) was an engineer at the mines in the Jura region, but is best known as a geologist, historian, writer and archaeologist. Nowadays he is called the father of industrial archaeology. He wrote novels and historical studies and he collected legends from the Jura. He was also a skilled draughtsman and illustrated his work himself. He lived at Soyhières Castle and founded the first museum in the Jura. The Sentier Auguste Quiquerez commemorates this great personality from the Jura and offers a walk through a varied landscape, including the city of Délemont with its art and history museum of the Jura, the descent of the river Birs in the Gorges de Vorbourg, the castle of Soyhières and the village of Soyhières and the medieval towns of Vorbourg and Béredier. (More information: www.juratourisme.ch).