Domus Romana, Augusta Raurica/Augst Photo: TES

Augusta Raurica and the Domus Romana

Augusta Raurica (Augst, canton Basel-Landschaft) was at the crossroads of trade and transport routes. The Roman colony was founded in 44 BC, one of the earliest colonies on the left bank of the Rhine.

Augusta Raurica around 117 BC. Picture: Museum Augusta Raurica

The city developed into a regional trade, industry and administration centre, counting around 15 000 inhabitants in the second century BC. The decline of the city started in the third century.

The Roman House (Domus Romana) was reconstructed in 1955.  The villa is an example of the provincial type, smaller than in Rome or Italy, but with the features of the residence of the local elite.

The museum presents a complete picture of this provincial Roman town.

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