Münster in Schaffhausen. Photo/Foto:TES.

All Saints in Schaffhausen

The Münster in Schaffhausen was initially a monastery church of the Benedictine Abbey of All Saints (Allerheiligen), which was founded by Count Eberhard von Nellenburg (1015-1078) in 1050.

The Münster was completed in 1064 and is now one of the best preserved Romanesque three-aisled basilicas in Switzerland. This is partly due to the non-completion of other building plans in later centuries.

The tower was only built around 1150, the (late-Gothic) spire even later. The abbey was disbanded in 1524 during the Reformation and in 1529 numerous Catholic interior pieces were removed.

There are also several Romanesque and (late) Gothic works of art or remnants of the monastery complex in the vicinity of the Münster. The Museum zu Allerheiligen is now also part of the complex.