Valentina Stieger and Renato Leotta

With “Indoor Life” by Valentina Stieger (1980) and “A sand Collection” (Eine Sandsammlung) by Renato Leotta (1982) the exhibition is showing two parallel exhibitions by artists who engage with the theme of sculpture in different ways. For this exhibition Valentina Stieger developed her series Harmony Triumphs Again further and adapted it to the spatial conditions of the museum. Within a fixed set of sizes and proportions, the artist plays with the various possibilities of composition and thus creates objects that, although still resembling furniture, have long since become independent sculptures. The artist also consciously plays with materials, textures, surfaces and their effects. The show projects the viewers into a space that floats between a private home and representative contexts. The work of Leotta is closely connected the Sicilian nature, volcanic sand, sea water or flora and fauna and shows a kind of sculptural archive of traces of the sea in the sand.