The Comedy of Being in Zug

The exhibition The Comedy of Being is giving a seven-league boots course through the history of humour in art. An in-house working group has spent the last six years collaborating with students and scholars to research the relationship between art and humour, going back to Ancient Greece, taking a detour through the Middle Ages to the Reformation, and on to the wealth of material on the topic composed in the last century up to the present day. Literature, music and philosophy join the fray, as do theatre, cabaret and cinema. The journey leads us to guffaws in church, street theatre and the carnival. Gender relations and social oppression. The body, bodily functions, and death. The show brings together over 300 works. It is an display featuring vases, broadsheets, drawings, magazines, paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos. Visitors have the chance to sample the humour of Bruegel the Elder and Goya, Ensor and Klee, Daumier, Picasso and Heartfield, Duchamp and Warhol, Oppenheim and Ai Weiwei.