Masters from the Low Countries

(1634-1693), family portrait Van den Brandelaer,1672. Museum of art and history Geneva. Photo: Wikipedia.

The exhibition offers a selection of 81 paintings focusing on the 17th century: the Golden Age of Rubens and Rembrandt. Set out in six thematic sections, the show highlights the phenomenon of painters’ specializations in a particular genre, emphasizing the contrast between the wide-ranging market of the mainly Calvinist Seven United Provinces (today’s Kingdom of the Netherlands) and the more centralized market of the Spanish Netherlands (today’s Belgium) which remained Catholic.

French and Swiss Relations

The Eiffel Tower, a Swiss design. Photograph:

Switzerland celebrates this autumn the 500e anniversary of the Peace of Freiburg (signed on 29 November 1516), better known as the Perpetual Peace, signed by the Swiss Confederation and the French kingdom. This particular Peace, with all the consequences following the signing, has contributed to make the two countries what they are nowadays.

Few French people know the part played by the Swiss in their history and the other way around. The permanent exchanges  have made an odd,  intense and creative relationship. Some of the founding events come from this relationship and it’s quite hard to determine which part is French and which one is Swiss. The exhibition is a walk of fame between France and Switzerland, focusing on the diversity of the links which unite both countries.

The Renaissance on show in Zurich

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), Erasmus von Rotterdam, Nurnberg, 1526. Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich.

The Renaissance was a cultural era that gave birth to some of the most important advances in human history. All the discoveries and creations would have been unimaginable without a broad and dynamic exchange at many levels. The Renaissance was an era of dialogue that extended over great distances and time. The exhibition focuses on the question of cultural exchange processes and shows the Renaissance as a dynamic, pan-European phenomenon. Artworks, writings and instruments and objects of everyday life are impressively displayed in the museum’s new exhibition rooms. Important exhibits on international loan from Europe and the USA enrich the presentation.