Silhouettes Art

Marlys Rohr, Living City. Photo: Museum.BL Liestal

The exhibition shows the works of more than 60 artists, who use scissors and knives to put their view of the city on paper. The works show the diversity of this craft – from the traditional silhouette to the modern collage and the filigree installation. In the past, only the black and white silhouettes were recognized. Today, the works are often colourful and collages, glued and designed with a wide variety of tools.


A Donation on Show

Marlene Dumas (1953), The attack, 1991. Kunstmuseum Basel- Geschenk Betty und Hartmut Raguse-Stauffer. Photo: Kunstmuseum Basel - Martin P. Bühler

The exhibition shows a part of the collection donated by Betty and Hartmut Raguse-Stauffer, especially works by Expressionists, above all Emil Nolde, and contemporary artists, such as A. R. Penck (pseudoniem of Ralf Winkler), Jonathan Borofsky, Marlene Dumas, and Rosemarie Trockel.




The stars, moon and Sun in Basel

Impression of the exhibition. © Museum der Kulturen, Omar Lemke

Sun, moon and stars have been included in cultures’ worldviews for thousands of years, for the purpose of ordering life and understanding time and space. The exhibition highlights the role and significance that mankind has assigned to the sun, moon and stars. Various cultures in the Orient, Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania have shaped and developed their own culture in a process that often takes thousands of years. The exhibition gives an impression of this development, from temples, sundials and calendars, to sun gods and moon goddesses and ruling dynasties and princes, who saw themselves as descendants of the sun.