Arte Facta by Jean-Pierre Zaugg

Jean-Pierre Zaugg (1928-2012), artist and set designer, liked to associate the verb with the image. In the 1970s, he made works in the style of Pop Art. The exhibition presents his late work, strongly focused on the text-image relationship in relation to the beginning of his work as a scenographer. In the last ten years of his life, Jean-Pierre Zaugg made a series of drawings in which words or sentences written in graphite are repeated tirelessly until they fill in the box reserved for them on the sheet of paper.

Retrospective of Comics by Jacques Tardi

Exhibition Poster. Photo: Cartoon Museum Basel.

Jacques Tardi (1946) is one of the world’s most prominent comics artists. He has been publishing comics for 50 years. The retrospective shows over 200 original drawings from all of this artist’s periods of work and, as a special highlight, includes the first-ever presentation of originals from volume 3 of “Stalag IIB”, which will be published shortly.


Photo: HeK. Baggenstos/Rudolf, Duckweed in Space, 2017

The exhibition is dedicated to the theme of ecological issues of our time, such as plastic and global warming. Ecology and sustainable development are seen as a communication system in which man and nature maintain a relationship of exchange and interaction. Electronic art is used to increase public attention and awareness for current ecological issues.