750 Years of the Weaving Guild

In 1268, the bishop of Basel allowed the weavers to set up a guild. On the occasion of the 750th anniversary, a small exhibition will present the history of the weaving guild. Since its foundation, the guild has undergone several changes. Initially a poor association of craftsmen, it achieved a respected position among the guilds of craftsmen in the 16th and 17th centuries. At first the simple wool and linen weavers, the spinners, spoilers, bleachers and dyers belonged to it. . With the influx of religious and political refugees (Jews, Hugenots and other Protestants), new, economically important branches were added: velvet and silk weaving as well as silk dyeing. In the 20th century, the Basel textile industry experienced a decline – but not the weaving guild. Today, the guild no longer unites textile experts, but some 250 professionals from a wide variety of sectors. Now the spectacular and magnificent silver objects of the guild can be seen, but also exhibits documenting the everyday life of the guild.