Abbaye Tous-les-Saints. 11e siècle. Foto:

Abbey Church of Schaffhausen

The abbey church of Schaffhausen, a three-aisled basilica, is an originally Romanesque church. The abbey church was originally part of the buildings of the Benedictine abbey of All Saints, founded by the Swabian count Eberhard III of Nellenburg (1015-1078).

The first monastery was completed in 1064. It was later extended with an outbuilding and a unique but now disappeared cruciform courtyard. The foundations of a five-nave abbey church were laid in 1090, but the construction did not go beyond the foundations, which are however the basis of the present church.

Dedicated to the Redeemer, Mary and all saints, the construction of this church in the 12th century was inspired by the reform movement of Hirsau.

The tower dates from around 1150. The bell tower is in late Gothic style. In 1524 the abbey was dissolved and transformed into a parish church.

The reform of 1529 made altars and religious objects disappear. The present pulpit was built in 1524.

Three years later medieval organs and stained glass windows were removed. Finally, in 1751, the western porch depicting the Last Judgement was destroyed. (Source: K. Bänteli, A. Uehlinger, Abtei Schaffhausen, Schaffhausen 2005).