Post Hotel Löwe. Photo/Foto:

A Cultural Village in Grisons

The Nova Fundaziun Origen wants to acquire the buildings of the Post Hotel Löwe and the Weisse Villa (White Villa) of the Jegher family in Mulegns (Oberhalstein, canton of Grisons). The purchase is intended to preserve these buildings and at the same time enable the urgent extension of the Julierstrasse. In order to preserve the villa, it must be moved a few metres.

Mulegns is one of the smallest villages in the canton (nineteen inhabitants). Today’s emigration does not go abroad, but to other regions in Switzerland and the (young) emigrants often do not return. The mountain villages are having a hard time, including Mulegns. The mansions, the villas, the Post Hotel Löwe and the Weisse Villa were built in the second half of the nineteenth century and bear witness to a great past. Illustrated guests from many countries visited the hotel in the nineteenth century. The confectionery dynasties of Jegher and Poltera, who have made their fortunes as emigrants and have returned, are surrounded by great legends from Bordeaux, Innsbruck and Constantinople. The villa is an important witness to this emigration history and the successful returnees. The mountains around the village are also enchanting.

The Nova Fundaziun Origen wants to tell this history of successful emigration and return through exhibitions, theatre, concerts and cultural-historical tours. In Mulegns a cultural village will be created that will provide information about emigration and travel in all their historical facets. The funds for this project are largely raised by the Federation and the canton. The total cost is CHF 5.6 million, about 2.5 million is guaranteed. The Fundazion would like to get in touch with interested parties to co-finance this project. In the summer the Hotel Post Löwe is used for various projects and the Fundazion welcomes interested parties. (More information: