Charlemagne, Karl der Grosse, St. Johann. Müstair. Photo/Foto: TES.

A Carolingian Monastery

The Benedict Convent of St. John (Sankt Johann) in Müstair (Canton of Graubünden) was founded in the 8th century during the reign of Charlemagne and is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983.

The monastery is a complex of historical (Carolingian) buildings and frescos (around 774), a museum and a house of praying and working for more than 1200 years.

The complex survived centuries of political and military turmoil and periods of negligence.

The church and the world-famous Carolingian fresco cycle are mostly intact.

The museum shows the history and many objects of great cultural value.  (Source and further information: J. Goll, Convent Museum Müstair, Müstair 2004).