75 Years Basler Puppet Theatre

The famous puppet theatre of Basel (Basler Marionetten Theater) celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2019. The premiere took place on 27 March 1944 with “Das alte Puppenspiel vom Doktor Faust” by Karl Simrock (1802-1876).

The founder Ricardo Koelner (1904-1993) was fascinated by this theatre at a young age. He developed this idea in cooperation with his wife Käthi Koelner-Schellenberg (1906-1998).

The premiere took place im March 1944 in the Kunsthalle of Basel. Other cities in Switzerland had already introduced this theatre (St. Gall, Geneva, Ascona, Ligerz and Zurich).

The theatre at the Münsterplatz managed to attract an interested audience. One of the reasons the great succes was the high level of the music, singing and choreography.

Moreover, this puppet theatre aims for children and adults. The theatre also does not always make easy performances. The theater produced the play “Krokophant” (cotion of Crocodile (because of the many teeth) and elephant (only two teeth) with an educational program for children about brushing teeth, including bacteria which do their destructive work.

Richard Koelner made no less than 240 puppets and directed 30 pieces ( operas, fairy tales, educational plays, theatre, and singing).

The theatre is run mainly by volunteers, but that does not stand in the way of the next years of success. (Bron: Basler Marionetten Theater. 75, Bazel, 2019).