Period IV

The new Gotthard tunel. Photo:

The new Gotthard Tunel

The Swiss Confederation has launched an information portal on the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA), the new Gotthard tunnel. Original documents, images, films and audio files on the history and social significance of the NRLA are now available on

The NRLA portal simplifies access to documents that had previously been scattered across different archives.

Hundreds of original documents, photographs, videos and audio files about the NRLA can be found. Federal bodies have released about 150 documents for the launch of the portal – documents that had previously been protected under the Archiving Act.

The Swiss Federal Archives now display all the documents and sources in their historical context. The original documents, which are easy to find, enable users to follow the history of the NRLA and interpret it independently.

The portal will effectively document many aspects of the history of the NRLA for current and future generations, considerably simplifying access to basic information for historiography. (Further information: