Stamp/Briefmarke Knie 100. Photo/Foto:

100 Years Circus Knie

The first performance in the new tent of the circus Knie took place in Berne on June 14, 1919.

The circus was founded in 1803 by Friedrich Knie (1784-1850), a Viennese son of the private doctor of Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780). The family obtained Swiss citizenship in 1900.

The seventh-generation now runs the circus. The performances took place in the open air until 1919. However, the public wanted international entertainment, variety shows and animal dressage under water- and sunproof roof.

Even then, a tent with 3,000 seats cost a lot of money, but they did manage without government subsidies.

The circus was then registered in the trade register as a Cirque Variété National Suisse Frères Knie.

The attractive name, the comfortable tent and the Swiss quality, innovation and creativity of the performances guarantee success to this day.

The circus celebrates ‘100 Years of Knie’ with an anniversary tour of Switzerland, in a new tent, of course. (More information: